Everyday Necklaces: For a Subtle Glam Look

A cute necklace can elevate an outfit in so many ways — but how many of your necklaces are truly everyday wear? We wanted to create affordable necklaces that our customers could throw on over almost any outfit and capture their perfect vibe, whether that’s workday polish or date night sizzle. That’s exactly what you’ll find in Modern Gents’ everyday necklace collection: timeless designs, contemporary inspirations and outstanding quality. 

Our selection includes a wide variety of chain necklace designs, from classic links to shining stones. Every necklace is made with high-quality materials like 18k gold plating, hand-worked by master craftspeople who ensure that each piece of jewelry meets our demanding standards. These pieces offer the perfect balance: cute necklaces that elevate and set you apart, but with a simplicity and versatility that makes them easy to combine with your favorite dress, top, earrings or whatever else you use to create your looks.

Modern Gents’ values are on display across our whole lineup of everyday necklaces — and beyond. We work hard to make sure that our materials are ethically sourced and free of conflict minerals, and every piece of our high-quality handmade jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty against defects. Plus, our affordable prices offer exceptional value to our customers and make it easy to fit a little more loveliness into your life. 

Browse Modern Gents’ selection of affordable necklaces here, available in a variety of finishes including 18k rose gold. Don’t forget to see the rest of our everyday wear jewelry lineup — including classic styles like hoop earrings and chain bracelets — to fill your jewelry box with go-to looks that you’ll reach for any time your outfit needs that little extra wow factor.