Stylish Engagement Rings for Trendsetters

Getting ready to get on one knee and pop the big Q? We’ve got you covered at Modern Gents with a huge array of trendy engagement rings that your future spouse will adore. These rings are all about what’s on trend and in-vogue, rocked by the biggest celebs and tastemakers of today. From dainty, stackable bands to alternative gemstones that are totally conflict-three, these trendy wedding rings are the perfect pick for the modern bride-to-be who will undoubtedly be showing hers off on social media and beyond.

The Trendiest Stone Shapes and Metals

Explore our huge selection of stylish engagement rings featuring all the most in-style features — gorgeous rose gold engagement rings for the dainty jewelry-lover and pretty sterling silver or gold for the wearer who prefers a classic undertone. Naturally, we’ve got all the trendiest stone shapes, too. No matter if she’s into contemporary classics — hello, pear-shaped sparklers! — or is all about heavenly halo rings, there’s a ring here that’ll capture her vibe.

Our selection of trending wedding rings includes all the modern-with-a-twist staples that contemporary couples adore. Pick out a classic solitaire or something studded with gems for an engagement to remember. Today’s brides and grooms are super-conscious about where and how their goods are made, especially when it comes to a purchase as big as the wedding ring, so you can count on all our rings to be ethically sourced and conflict-free!