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a woman holding the elena the claire and the kira engagement rings

Featured: The Elena, The Clarie and The Kira in Silver 

In some ways, it may feel as difficult to choose the right engagement ring as it is to find the right fiancé! Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement, but you probably get the sentiment if you’re here. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be complex at all! 

There are three main things to focus on: hand size, finger length and finger width. Now, obviously, those three characteristics all go together. Finding the Venn diagram of which rings fit which characteristics should net you the perfect ring choice at the end!

Like all things fashion, proportionality is key when it comes to the right engagement ring for you. With a few guiding principles, you’ll be well on your way to that perfect ring to go with that perfect someone.

Discover The Different Types of Engagement Rings

Finger Length

Short Fingers

If you have shorter fingers, the goal here is to make them appear longer with your ring. It’s not magic, but it might feel like it at first. Oval-shaped engagement rings are a very popular choice for those with shorter fingers. If oval isn’t your style, no worries. Any vertical setting paired with a longer stone will work out beautifully. 

Long Fingers

You can play the piano and wear almost any ring you want. Like people with oval face shapes and haircuts, you can pull off almost any style you want. If you want something understated, it can still look upscale and elegant without any effort. You, however, have the luxury of going bolder on your style, should you so choose. The ring world is your oyster.

Finger Width

Narrow Fingers

You want to go for simpler, more minimal designs with narrow fingers, but you can still have fun! While it can be easy to overwhelm slim fingers proportionally, there are some styles that allow you to get around that creatively.

a woman with a rose wearing the lovely in silver

Featured: The Lovely in Silver

Princess and cushion cut rings work exceptionally well for narrow fingers. Going for a thicker band (but not too thick) can make narrow fingers appear a bit wider if you’re looking for that. 

Wide Fingers

Ring shopping can be a pain with wide fingers, but we’re here to alleviate some of that. You actually can show off some more stone and band here, so have at it. For wider fingers, you want a wider stone to complement them. Who’s going to complain about a bigger rock on their finger, right? 

Have fun with larger stones and more intricate patterns and settings. Three-stone settings will do really well for you if you like that look. You’ve got arguably the best canvas for rings, so utilize that!

Hand Size

Small Hands

As you may be able to guess, small hands will be overwhelmed by large rings with bigger stylings. You want to go for something smaller, of course, but you also want to consider going a bit more subtle. While you can go with any styling you like, err on the side of thinner rings and smaller stones. Princess and oval styling are popular for small hands.

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Large Hands

If small hands mean smaller rings, larger hands mean even smaller rings. Kidding! Just making sure you’re paying attention. Opt for larger bands and stones. You can get a bit more ornate with your setting if you like, but more minimal choices will still look great. More intricate settings do tend to be popular choices for those with larger hands.

a woman wearing the one and only and the elena engagement rings

Featured: The One and Only and The Elena

Find Your Ring Size

Yeah, this one might seem obvious, but we mention it just in case. If you planned on just going off your shoe size, we’re here to stop that train wreck before it happens. Get a ring sizer, or go get professionally sized. Both are fine, but doing at least one is necessary.

Yes, there are plenty of style guidelines for the perfect engagement ring. However, they’re just guidelines. They help get you there. If you find the perfect ring, but it doesn’t fit the guide, then throw out the guide and go for the one you love! 

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