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a close up of the elena engagement ring with the promise and the bella wedding bands

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Quick Question: Is it acceptable to have and wear multiple wedding bands?

Quick Answer: Yes. Absolutely.

If that’s all you needed to know, you’re welcome! If you’d like to dive into the reasons why you would wear multiple bands or just stow away some tips on stacking them with style, read on.

Multiple Wedding Bands for Multiple Occasions

Say you’ve got his and hers wedding bands that you exchanged at the ceremony. Maybe you even went and got those rings engraved with the date or circulated in a ring-warming ceremony. Perhaps one of the wedding bands is a family heirloom that one of your grandparents wore for 50 lovely years. Whatever the case may be, you might be a bit hesitant to risk losing that ring the next time you go rock climbing or tie your jewelry to the drawstring of your scrubs when you prep for surgery. You can save these special rings for formal or meaningful occasions and select an alternate set for regular use. 

Your everyday wedding bands can be designed to be more amenable to the daily stresses of everyday activity (this is why silicone rings are especially popular right now). Or you can pick something that closely resembles the formal set but is more easily replaceable because it is more affordable or doesn’t hold the same sentimental value. 

Maybe you just like the idea of different bands or wedding ring sets for different occasions. Or you’re someone who loves fashionable options and wants multiple different metals to match with different outfits. Whatever your situation, having multiple bands is often a great solution.


Wear Silicone Bands

We just mentioned these a second ago, but let’s explore the pros of silicone bands a bit further, shall we? It’s a perfectly reasonable option to have a “daily drive” silicone band and leave your nice gold ring for special occasions. This is especially true if you work in the trades or any other demanding job where your ring can be damaged or even a job site hazard.

When looking for additional rings or durable pieces of jewelry, silicone bands should be first on your list. Silicone offers high durability for an affordable price and you can even get multiple different styles and colors depending on your wants and needs. If you just want something durable you don’t have to worry about, especially when you’re traveling, silicone bands offer everything you need

Multiple Bands All at Once

But sometimes that extra wedding band isn’t a substitution, but an addition. For example, it is not unusual to pair two wedding bands with an engagement ring. That might be a matter of pleasing symmetry from your wedding day on. Alternatively, the second band might mark a significant anniversary or another marital milestone like welcoming a child into the world, a tradition especially common in Sweden. With certain cultures wearing wedding rings on their right hand, having a ring on each hand can be a nod to your heritage while still keeping with the Western tradition of left-handed wedding rings.

If you like multiple bands but aren’t sure about having that much jewelry on your finger, another popular option is wearing your ring on a necklace chain. This is an especially good option if you have a family heirloom or ring with sentimental value that doesn’t fit you perfectly or you don’t wear often. You can keep it close without wearing it on your finger if that doesn’t suit your style.

a close up of a womans hand wearing the elena engagement ring with the mia and the chloe wedding bands

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Mix and Match Ring Styles

Those first two options aren’t an either/or scenario. You can mix and match to suit the occasion and find what works for you. For example, maybe you are attending an event that is both formal and which involves the use of your hands. Say you’re the matron of honor in your sister’s wedding and you are nervous about snagging the stone of your engagement ring during wedding dress management. This is where stackable wedding bands come into play. They have the same amount of sparkle, but with slightly sleeker packaging and are a perfect look for those seeking unique wedding bands with stylistic versatility.

Replacement Rings

It’s also possible that you might want to replace your original band. Maybe your sense of style and your budgetary limitations have shifted so you’re searching to replace your old wedding jewelry. Or perhaps your hand is forced when your wedding band goes missing and you need a new ring. You know that the surest way to find the ring is to spring for a replacement and, sure enough, you dislodged the missing wedding band while you were watering that neglected houseplant. If you got the replacement from Modern Gents, you can rest easy with the no-hassle return and exchange policy. Or you can rejoice in having a backup or a mix-and-match option.

a close up of a womans rubbing her hands together while wearing an engagement ring and a pair of wedding bands

Wedding bands are a symbol of the love that unites a couple, a reminder to themselves and a declaration to the rest of the world. That works just as well if one day the reminder is in gold or the next day it happens to be in silver or silicone.