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For thousands of years, wedding bands have helped married couples symbolize their commitment to one another. In fact, the ancient Greeks and Romans wore leather and bone rings to commemorate their unions. But while our better options today are a sign of progress, the endless possibilities have also left many unsure of where to begin. Thankfully, Modern Gents is here to help.

The Basics of Wedding Band Styles

First, let’s make sure we’re clear on the distinction between a wedding band and an engagement ring. It’s actually pretty simple, but some jewelers seem to keep it shrouded in mystery. Here’s how it breaks down:

Women are proposed to with an engagement ring that often features a single large stone, especially if the ring is a solitaire. It’s at the ceremony that brides and grooms exchange wedding bands that are, by comparison, often less intricate. Both husbands and wives will typically wear their wedding bands most days of their marriage. Many women, however, will still wear their engagement ring, but always alongside their wedding band never in place of it. 

Wedding Band vs. Engagement Ring: What’s the Difference?

Second, many couples match their wedding bands as a symbol of their bond. Others, meanwhile, favor practicality. If wedding bands are meant to be worn every day, each bride and each groom should select a ring that fits their lifestyle and taste. The good news is that there’s no set standard of wedding bands other than those that will make you and your soulmate happy. 

At Modern Gents, we also believe that love shouldn’t come with a price. That is why we are proud to offer high-quality, affordable wedding bands made from conflict-free materials. Below, we have listed different types of wedding bands and examples straight from our collection — none that will break the bank or turn your finger green. 

Types of Wedding Rings to Consider

Matching Rings for Him and Her

If the symbolism of matching wedding bands is significant to you and your fiancé, Modern Gents has you covered. Explore our sets of his and hers wedding bands featuring complementary ring styles and colors that you’ll both want to wear every day you’re together. This includes matching bands in silver, yellow gold and rose gold, among other options.   

"The Infinity" in Silver

The Infinity’ in Silver

Minimalist Metal Bands

Whether you’re a bride or groom, there’s a lot to be said for a plain precious metal band that will look as good at a reception as it will in the office or when throwing on a hoodie. These bands also make it seamlessly easy for spouses to match. For instance, Modern Gents offers solid-colored metal bands for women in silver, rose gold and black. Men can also choose silver, rose gold or black, as well as traditional gold, bronze and slate.

Bands for Him

Our collection of affordable men’s wedding rings feature durable, modern and sleek rings, made from your choice of stainless steel, titanium, tungsten or silicone. Our rings for the modern man also include our bold line of black wedding bands and wood wedding bands that come with a lifetime warranty and 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

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Active Style Bands

If you work with your hands or spend much of your free time outdoors, we suggest a band that fits your lifestyle. For instance, Modern Gents offers incredibly durable tungsten and titanium bands, flexible silicone bands and thinner-width bands that won’t get in the way. 

Tungsten vs. Titanium: Which Ring Is Best for You?

Matching Sets for Her

A matching wedding band and engagement ring are beautiful when worn together. For the perfect look, we suggest purchasing each ring at the same time. For both the perfect look — and fit — we recommend purchasing an interlocking wedding ring set, like a stunning eternity ring that pairs with a striking engagement ring.

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Bands for Her

There are as many styles of traditional wedding bands as there are types of women. Modern Gents is proud to offer wedding bands that match any bride's personality, whether she prefers a look that is modern, classic or vintage. Among the most popular types of wedding bands we offer include: 

"The Promise" in Silver

The Promise’ in Silver

  • The Promise is our take on the timeless gold wedding band that will never go out of style. 
  • Eternity bands, like our The Eternity wedding ring, are designed with stones across the full length of the ring. This never-ending pattern signifies that a couple’s commitment to each other will last forever. 
  • Chevron bands boldly curve on your finger to combine classic beauty with contemporary design. The Zoey is a great option that captures this style. 
  • Channel set bands display the romance of Classical Hollywood. See our The Chloe band for this timeless style.
  • The Giselle, which we designed borrowing elements of a traditional “eternity band” and “infinity band,” features an intricate woven pattern that can only be described as vintage chic.         

Additionally, every customer is given the choice to plate their sterling silver band with gorgeous rose gold or rhodium plating — because her ring should look as good as the two of you do together. 

Additional Thoughts

You’ve got all the basics down, but we’ll throw out a couple of terms here that you might see when shopping for a ring but might not know.

Pavé Settings

Pronounced “pah-vay,” if you were curious. Pavé is a type of setting around a ring. Whether you get a pavé diamond or another sort of pavé stone depends on what you want, but pavé simply refers to the style. Think of a pavé setting as small stones that sit below the main stone and give some stylistic depth to the ring design overall. There are different styles of pavé wedding bands, but the idea is the same for each.

Ring Size

This isn’t so much a definition as a myth we’re going to dispel real quick. If you’ve ever heard of the shoe trick or other “hacks” to get a ring size, ignore them. 

If someone tells you the super secret way to get a ring size, they’re either lying to you or just wrong. While there’s often a similarity between reality and these hacks, that’s luck and not an exact science.

We get it — you want to get that nice gold ring for your girlfriend and have it be a surprise. Totally fair. However, the shoe trick and all things adjacent won’t help you.

Anniversary Band

You don’t need to worry about this one just yet. This is just a buying guide for wedding bands. However, it’s nice to keep in mind for the future. An anniversary band is just like a wedding band, but given on an anniversary instead. It’s often a little simpler, more plain wedding band, as opposed to a more ornate wedding band. Of course, if you want to go big, you’re more than welcome to!

Find Your Favorite Wedding Ring Style Today!

As we said, there have never been more wedding band possibilities than there are today, but with Modern Gents, handcrafted quality has also never been more affordable. Between now and your wedding, there will be no shortage of decisions for you both to make. We’re confident, though, that if you shop with us, it’s one decision that even your mother-in-law can’t find fault with.

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