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For most people, wearing your wedding band everywhere is kind of the whole point of having one! So, it’s understandable if your answer to the question “Do you wear your wedding ring at work?” is “Of course — why wouldn’t I?”

Here’s the thing: It’s actually pretty important to think twice about wearing your wedding ring to work in certain occupations. Let’s look at what some of those might be.

Things to Consider When Wearing Your Wedding Band at Work

Does a wedding ring at work put you at risk for ring avulsion?

Ring avulsion is a serious and extremely painful injury that can permanently affect your ability to use your hands. It occurs when someone’s metal ring gets caught on something heavy and/or fast-moving. A split second later, their ring has ripped away skin and muscle, and potentially even broken their finger bone.

OK, so that’s obviously something to avoid, right? Pay attention to these signs that your job could put you at risk of ring avulsion:

  • You work with machinery and moving parts
  • You lift heavy objects
  • You use powered hand tools
  • You participate in fitness activities, such as basketball or weight lifting
  • You deal with chaotic, fast-moving situations 

In practice, this means everyone from first responders to personal trainers to machinists often choose to wear alternative wedding rings. Check out our suggestions in just a minute for some cool ideas!

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Do your tasks at work risk getting your ring excessively dirty or damaging it?

It’s also worth thinking about an alternative to a wedding band if any of the following apply to you:

  • You constantly get your hands messy, like a mechanic doing oil changes or a baker working with dough and flour.
  • You work with hard tools or materials that could scratch or dent a ring made from softer metals like sterling silver.
  • You work with harsh chemicals like acetone or bleach that can damage the finish on your ring. (Hopefully, you don’t get these on your hands, either!)

Again, these are all common indicators that a standard wedding ring might not be a good choice at work. 

Are your hands in water for a large part of your workday?

Although Modern Gents’ rings are made from high-quality materials and protected against corrosion, most metal wedding rings aren’t meant to spend all day wet. This is especially true if you have your hands in salt water, which is highly corrosive to many metals

As if that weren’t bad enough, getting your hands wet can cause your skin to constrict slightly. (Yes, we’re talking about the “pruney fingers” effect here!) This puts you at greater risk of losing your wedding ring (since it may be looser on your finger). So, from dishwashers to fishermen to marine biologists, anyone who gets their hands wet a lot at work should consider alternatives to wearing a traditional ring. 

Work with Your Hands? Try Wearing Silicone Rings

Alternate Options for Wearing a Wedding Band at Work

Silicone Rings

These soft rings made from silicone rubber are a favorite of nurses, first responders, industrial workers and many others who don’t want to worry about ring avulsion at work. In a potential ring avulsion scenario, the flexible band will snap rather than take your hand along with it.

The Slater in Ash Gray

Featured: The Slater in Ash Gray

Modern Gents offers numerous silicone ring designs made for all kinds of tough work environments. Plus, with our variety of designs and colors, you’ll still be able to find one that looks great on you!

Titanium or Tungsten Rings

Some people’s primary concern is damaging their wedding band at work. If that’s you, a titanium ring or tungsten ring might be just the solution you’re looking for! These metals are incredibly hard and resistant to corrosion, scratching and denting. Plus, Modern Gents offers tons of different titanium and tungsten ring designs, all with a powerful and dignified look. 

Ring on a Necklace

If rings on your fingers are a problem, but other jewelry is allowed, you might think about wearing your ring on a necklace chain while you’re at work. This can be a great choice if only part of your day is ring-unfriendly. When you’re done, just pop the ring back on your finger and wear the necklace by itself!

For anyone going this route, check out our selection of everyday necklaces. You’ll find lots of cool high-quality chains that are perfect for hanging a ring on (and look great by themselves, to boot). 

Modern Gents’ selection of wedding bands for both men and women makes it easy to find a beautiful, meaningful, affordable wedding band. Check out all of our wedding band options, or skip straight to our silicone rings or tungsten rings!

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