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What Does Your Engagement Ring Cut Say About You?

Engagement rings aren’t just symbols of love and commitment.

They’re also fashion statements that say a lot about the wearer. Are you traditional, or edgy? Do you live for the thrill, or are you more reserved? There’s a cut for every personality, and a personality for every cut. Find out which one matches yours:


The future bride who gravitates towards a round cut ring is a traditionalist who loves all things classy and classic. Like this cut, she’s elegant, but in an understated way. Her grace and polish make her stand out from the crowd, even if she doesn’t want to be the center of attention.

Shop our round cut rings such as The Grace, The Star Light, and The Rose.

Woman's left hand wearing The Enchanted on ring finger
Ring: The Enchanted
The One and Only in rose gold

Ring: The One and Only


Pure elegance and femininity are the trademarks of a cushion cut ring, as they are for the wearer. Like the round cut, cushion cuts are traditional, but they make a bolder statement. Cushion cut wearers are just as comfortable sipping tea at The Palace as they are sitting in a cozy cottage by the beach; they’re adaptable and ready to embrace life, whatever may come.

Our cushion cut rings include The Lovely, The Evermore, and The Layla.

Woman's left hand wearing The Evermore on ring finger

Rings: The Evermore

Woman's left hand wearing The Layla on ring finger

Ring: The Layla


It should come as no surprise that the royals at heart are drawn to the princess cut. They’re looking for their fairytale ending, the happily ever after that starts the moment the ring is on their finger. They’re hopeless romantics, but they also know how to let go, have fun, and stop taking life so seriously.

The perfect rings for a princess at heart include The Princess, The Olivia, and The Amore.

Woman's left hand wearing The Olivia on ring finger

Ring: The Olivia

Woman's left hand wearing The Amore set and The Desire on ring finger

Rings: The Amore, The Desire


Unique, elegant, and radiant. Are we talking about the cut, or the wearer? Both. Oval cut rings combine the classic elegance of round cut with the royal flair of princess to offer a ring shape that’s fit for a queen. Brides who are drawn to oval cut rings are confident in who they are and aren’t afraid to show it.

Beautiful oval cut rings from Modern Gents include The Ava, The Belle, and The Queen.

The Belle

Ring: The Belle

Woman's left hand wearing The Ava on ring finger

Ring: The Ava


A cut as bold as emerald is suited for the fashionista, the edgy yet sophisticated gal who keeps a hawk-eye out for every opportunity and grabs it without hesitation. Nights out on the town, glamorous vacations to ritzy destinations, and a closet full of clothes are the wants and needs of an emerald cut bride.

Check out The Alexandria if emerald sounds like your kind of cut.

Woman's left hand wearing The Alexandria on ring finger

Ring: The Alexandria


Marquise. It just sounds glamorous, doesn’t it? Vintage glamour-lovers are drawn to the old-fashioned flair offered by a marquise cut ring. This is a strong, bold cut that demands the spotlight (and deservingly gets it). Wearers of this ring live life fully and completely, and they turn a few heads while they do so.

You can find elegant marquise cut rings The Victoria and The Cambria at Modern Gents.

Woman's hands holding cup wearing The Victoria on left ring finger

Ring: The Victoria

Woman's left hand wearing The Cambria and The Mia on ring finger

Rings: The Cambria, The Mia


Thrill-seeker and adventurer are just some of the words that come to mind to describe the wearer of a pear cut ring. The elongated teardrop shape naturally draws attention and effortlessly impresses. Pear cut wearers look for the novelty in life and enthusiastically anticipate the future.

Some of our pear cut rings include The Bliss, The Scarlett, and The Daisy.

Woman's left hand touching hat wearing The Scarlett on ring finger

Ring: The Scarlett

The Bliss in rose gold

Rings: The Bliss


Oh, those hopeless romantics. Those rose-colored lens wearing, Valentine’s Day loving, big white wedding brides who live for the romance and give with all their heart. They need a ring that matches the tone of their life, and what’s more appropriate than a heart-shaped ring?

Our favorite romantic heart-shaped ring is The Sweetheart.

Woman's left hand wearing The Sweetheart on ring finger

Ring: The Sweetheart

Engagement rings should reflect the person wearing them, so find the ring that matches who you are and wear your personality loud and proud!

No matter what style you prefer, don't overspend on your engagement ring and wedding bands. Modern Gents offers affordable & inexpensive rings that look and shine like real diamonds – but for only a fraction of the price. Shop the full collection here