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Which Engagement Ring Stone Shape Should You Choose?

Everyone dreams of the ring they will someday wear when they get engaged.

But as the idea of an engagement gets closer, you’re probably starting to really wonder what kind of ring to choose. There is a lot to consider, including the shape of your stone. Modern Gents carries a variety of ring shapes, and each is unique and different. To help you decide, here are some facts about each ring shape.


When most people think of an engagement ring, a round stone most surely comes to mind. This is because not only is the round stone the most traditional, but is considered a classic! This cut stands the test of time and will always be in style. If you're someone who values tradition, a round cut stone may be the one for you.

The Star Light set

Rings: The Star Light


An oval stone is a great choice if you want the classic look of a round, but with a slightly larger stone. This ring is a great choice if you want something traditional, but bold. Oval stones complement all finger sizes, so don't worry about how it'll look on. Simply choose your carat size and go from there!

The Belle

Ring: The Belle


The heart shape stone is difficult to cut, and usually must be larger for the shape to be seen. Not only is the heart a symbol of love, but due to the size it needs to be, this makes it a great ring to wear when you want a big stone to show off! We recommend getting it with a halo to emphasize the shape and enhance the sparkle even further.

The Sweetheart and The Zoey

Rings: The Sweetheart, The Zoey


Princess cut stones are square shaped, and uniquely cut. Due to the shape, this cut usually has extra sparkle to it, which makes it fit for a princess! Princess cut stones are classy and will always be in style, no matter the current trends. If you want to feel like pure royalty, this stone shape might be for you.

Woman's hand holding The Olivia and The Forever in rose gold

Rings: The Olivia, The Forever


A cushion cut does what it implies; it adds a little extra something to the ring.  Usually, that extra something is sparkle! While most people know about its counterparts like the round stone and the princess cut, the cushion cut tends to slip people's minds. This is a great shape if you want something really shiny and sparkly but still low-key to wear every day.

The Layla and The Emma in rose gold

Rings: The Layla, The Emma


What makes this cut different is that the shape of this ring makes it look bigger than it may actually be. In addition, it makes the wearer’s fingers look longer and slimmer (who wouldn't love that?). This shape is an excellent choice if you want to add a touch of elegance into your life without being too over-the-top.

The Victoria and The Promise

Rings: The Victoria, The Promise


The emerald cut is a large square stone, with a mirror effect that brings out extra sparkle. Its shape makes it the perfect ring for those who want something different than the traditional cut, but with all the shine! As such, emerald cuts give your ring stack elegance no matter what wedding band you pair with it.

The Alexandria and The Emma

Rings: The Emerald, The Emma


This cut is a mix of the size of an oval cut with the angle of a marquis stone. This gives the pear shape its own interesting and unique look. The pear cut has become very popular in recent years, and we can definitely see why! Pick out this shape if you want your engagement to make a statement and turn heads – the compliments won't stop flooding in.

Woman's fingers holding The Bliss and The Zoey in rose goldRings: The Bliss, The Zoey

Each stone shape is as unique as you, and each has something different to offer.

Some are smaller, and some are larger. Some offer more sparkle than the others, and some offer more elegance and class. No matter which shape you pick, there is no doubt that it will be stunning! Ready to pick out your ring? Shop the full collection from Modern Gents here.