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How to Wear an Eternity Ring: Creative Ways to Style

People have been wearing wedding rings for literally thousands of years. So, for better or for worse, there’s a lot of conventional wisdom out there when it comes to how to wear them. On the other hand, eternity rings only became popular for the first time around the 1960s. That means traditions on how to wear eternity rings (also known as infinity rings) are much less established.

Wondering how to wear your eternity ring? Not sure what the right style is? Relax — you’ve got some room to experiment! Since there are generally fewer rules and superstitions about styling an eternity ring, you’ve got a perfect opportunity to wear it the way you want to. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your eternity ring is about showcasing everlasting love. And, really, do “rules” really matter when it comes to expressing something that important? 

Wearing your eternity ring with or without other rings, on different fingers and with different accessories can all provide delightfully distinctive looks. Up ahead, we’ll take a look at some of the many different ways to style your eternity ring. 

All About Eternity Rings

First, let’s review the fundamentals of an eternity ring. Typically worn by women, eternity rings are one of the so-called “three rings of marriage,” along with the engagement ring and the wedding band. The eternity ring symbolizes eternal love, commitment and fidelity, and it might be given anywhere from one to 10 years into a marriage, sometimes more. Often, an eternity ring commemorates a milestone event like a 10-year wedding anniversary or the birth of a baby. An eternity ring can also serve as an engagement ring or wedding band. You could even give your loved one an eternity ring as a promise ring. Ultimately, it’s up to the ring giver or wearer to determine the significance behind a specific ring. 

the three rings of marriage

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The most common style for an eternity ring is a full eternity ring featuring a single row of small cut diamonds or other gemstones that extends all the way around the outer face of the ring shank. A circle is a traditional symbol of infinity and wholeness in many cultures, and the never-ending circular design of an eternity ring references that symbolism to create a powerful reminder of the vows of marriage. The circle design is also popular because it’s clean, stylish and elegant — not overly flashy, but with plenty of power to turn heads.

Half eternity rings, which have stones only on the front half of the ring, are a popular alternative to the traditional eternity ring. The reason often comes down to simple personal preference. Some people find a half eternity ring more comfortable, and others simply prefer the look. Because half eternity rings have fewer stones, they’re often more affordable, as well. Eternity rings are also challenging to resize, so a half eternity ring can be a safer bet if you don’t want to worry about sizing. However, remember that Modern Gents offers free exchanges and returns on all of our rings!

Whatever type of eternity ring you have, the message is the same: We’re ready to do this forever! Now, the question is: What does forever look like for your personal sense of style?

Choosing the Right Eternity Ring

Picking the perfect eternity ring is all about finding a piece that reflects your personal style and complements your existing jewelry. Here’s a breakdown of some key considerations to help you make the best choice:

Metal Options

  • Platinum: The undisputed champion of durability, platinum is a popular choice for eternity rings. This precious metal is naturally white and resists scratches better than gold, making it ideal for everyday wear. However, platinum comes with a higher price tag compared to gold options.
  • Gold: Available in a variety of colors, gold offers a warm, classic look for eternity rings. While not quite as scratch-resistant as platinum, 14k and 18k gold are still suitable for everyday wear with proper care.
  • Rose Gold: A trendy and romantic metal, rose gold adds a touch of blush to your eternity ring. It’s especially popular for those who favor warmer tones or have rose gold engagement rings or wedding bands they want to match. When considering rose gold, be mindful of its durability. It’s slightly less scratch-resistant than white gold.
  • Silver: An affordable and versatile option, sterling silver offers a cool, contemporary look for eternity rings. While it’s not as durable as platinum or gold, sterling silver is still a great choice. Keep in mind that sterling silver tarnishes over time, so regular cleaning will be necessary.

Stone Options

Eternity rings traditionally feature a continuous band of gemstones, but the choice of stone goes beyond aesthetics. Here are some popular gemstones and their symbolic meanings to inspire you:

  • Diamonds: Diamond eternity rings are classic. Their brilliance and sparkle add a touch of luxury to any design.
  • Sapphires: Available in a rainbow of colors, sapphires represent faithfulness, wisdom and sincerity. Blue sapphires are a popular alternative to diamonds, offering a touch of elegance and a wider range in price points.
  • Emeralds: Symbolizing growth, renewal and everlasting love, emeralds add a vibrant pop of green to eternity rings. Keep in mind that emeralds are a softer gemstone compared to diamonds or sapphires, so they may require more careful wear.
  • Rubies: Representing passion, love and prosperity, rubies add a fiery touch to eternity rings. Their deep red color makes a bold statement and pairs well with a variety of metals.
  • Moissanite: A more affordable alternative to diamonds, moissanite boasts exceptional brilliance and fire. This gemstone is a great choice for those looking for a dazzling stone without the diamond price tag.

Ultimately, the best metal and stone combination for your eternity ring depends on your preferences, budget and lifestyle. Consider the existing jewelry you wear and choose a metal and stone that complement your overall look.

Which Finger Should I Wear My Eternity Ring on?

In most American wedding traditions, the ring finger of the bride’s left hand is the typical place for all three of the marriage rings. However, like most parts of wearing an eternity ring, this is mostly a suggestion and not set in stone (pun intended). An eternity ring can look stunning on any finger, so let’s look at some of the different options. (Make sure to check out our guide to ring symbolism for a true deep dive into the meaning of each finger across different cultures!)

ring finger options

  • Right Hand Ring Finger: Some people like to switch it up by wearing an eternity ring on the ring finger of their right hand. This is a great choice if you’d like to keep some of the traditional symbolism of the ring finger without placing too many rings on your left hand. The right ring finger still draws attention but leaves the meaning of your ring up to you to determine. It also creates a balanced look if you’re wearing your wedding and/or engagement ring on your left ring finger.
  • Middle Finger: The middle finger is another popular spot for an eternity ring. As the longest finger and (obviously) the most central one, your middle finger has a place of pride on your hand. Thus, the middle finger is an especially good option if your eternity ring has a distinctive design that you want to show off. 
  • Index Finger: Wearing any ring on your right or left index finger makes a powerful statement, and an eternity ring is no exception. An index finger is usually the most noticeable place to wear any ring, so if you want an eye-catching way to show off your eternity ring, this could be it! Be aware, though, that a ring on your index finger can sometimes get in the way of daily activities, especially if you work with your hands often.
  • Pinky or Thumb: These can be distinctive places to wear an eternity ring, but they’re not common. Most rings aren’t designed to be worn on thumbs and pinkies, so a ring that fits other fingers will often be too small or too big for a comfortable fit on your thumb or pinky. In addition, the thumb has the same problem as the index finger — You use it so much that it’s usually not an ideal place for a ring.

Whether you choose to wear your eternity ring on your left hand ring finger or on a different finger, try to avoid wearing it in a position where it will bump against a ring on the finger next door. This can scratch or otherwise damage one or both of your rings. Symbolism is important, of course, but so is practicality and ensuring that a piece of jewelry meant to symbolize infinite love withstands the test of time. 

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Which Other Rings Should I Wear With My Eternity Ring?

As we noted before, the eternity ring is just one of the three marriage rings. What should you do with the other ones while you’re wearing your eternity ring? Once again, choices abound.

The Eternity in gold and The Bliss Set in gold

Featured: The Eternity in gold and The Bliss Set in gold

Because most eternity rings have a relatively simple design, they’re usually well suited to stacking with other rings. You’ll often see eternity rings worn together as a stacked set with a wedding ring and engagement ring, particularly if they’re part of a bridal set

Wearing a matched set of all three rings will give your finger some serious sparkle, so many people choose to save it for special occasions when they want to go all out. Certain combinations of thicker bands and larger stones might also make your finger feel excessively heavy or crowded. The only way to know for sure? Try on all three together and see how it feels!

If you’d like to wear your eternity ring regularly, try leaving the engagement ring in your jewelry box and rocking a combination of your wedding band and eternity ring on one finger. This combo gives you plenty of shine, but not so much that you feel overdressed for everyday living. Alternatively, try moving your eternity ring to your right hand to spread out the sparkle a little.

Which Order Should I Wear My Rings in?

The Elena, The Forever and The Chloe in rose gold

Featured: The ElenaThe Forever and The Chloe in rose gold

You probably can guess the answer to this by now — Whatever order is comfortable for you and looks good! Most eternity rings are versatile enough to wear in multiple different ways. That said, there are a few factors to think about that will give you a better idea of how to wear an eternity ring in your preferred style. 

First off, if you like following wedding ring traditions, you’ll want to put your wedding band in the innermost position on your finger. The reason is positively heartwarming, so to speak — it’s because this is the position closest to your heart! However, you should obviously feel free to place your wedding ring in whichever position you want. 

If you have a simple wedding ring without stones, you can even use the contrast it creates to your advantage. Try placing it in the middle position to separate the stones on your eternity ring from your engagement ring! A little simplicity can be just what you need to make the elegance stand out even more.

Placing your eternity band on the outside and your engagement ring in the middle is a popular look. This gives the combination of rings a balanced appearance, with the largest stone in the center. However, an engagement ring with a large stone or elaborate setting might not fit well in this position. To make sure your rings harmonize perfectly, check out Modern Gents’ stackable wedding ring collection.

You could also choose to wear the eternity band or wedding band in the middle position and the engagement ring on the outside. This is a great setup for showing off an engagement ring you love, and it can be a better fit for a ring with a large stone. Whatever you choose, remember that the process doesn’t have to end with your rings themselves!

How to Stack Your Rings the Right Way

How Can I Accessorize My Eternity Ring?

The elegant look of an eternity ring is easy to pair with lots of different accessories, particularly in Modern Gents’ collection of gorgeous bridal jewelry. These are some fun ideas to get you started on accessorizing your eternity ring:

accessorize your eternity ring

  • Bracelets: A bracelet can give you a spectacular complement for your eternity ring. Your wrist will draw attention to your finger — and vice versa! Modern Gents’ Athena bridal bangle is the perfect match for your eternity ring, thanks to its radiant infinity-themed design.
  • Earrings: A well-crafted pair of bridal earrings will bring a new level of unity to your look. Look for a pair of earrings with a finish that matches your eternity ring, and think about a pair of mini hoops like Modern Gents’ Ivy bridal earrings if you want to stick with a circular theme.
  • Necklaces: A beautiful bridal necklace makes a perfect front-and-center statement piece that creates a delightful synergy with your eternity ring. Modern Gents’ Affinity lock and key necklace is an exquisite piece that’s perfect for a theme of total commitment, while The Celine necklace offers another entrancing infinity design. 

Eternity Rings from Modern Gents

Modern Gents offers several options for both eternity rings and half eternity rings. Our eternity bands fit seamlessly as a third part in any of our bridal sets. Each style is made for versatility, so you can match it to your preferred engagement ring and wedding ring. 

We also offer a ravishing range of stackable eternity bands for every style and sensibility. Here’s what a few of our favorites bring to the table: 

  • The Eternity: With a name like this, you’d expect a dazzling eternity band — and you’d be right! The Eternity is our take on the classic full eternity band, and its timeless sterling silver design makes a superb complement to any wedding ring set.
  • The Desire: In search of a slimmer and sleeker half eternity band? The Desire will set your heart on fire. The half eternity setting makes this ring highly versatile, so you can slip it into any combination of engagement and wedding rings or treasure it all on its own.
  • The Chloe: The well-defined look of a channel setting makes the Chloe an elegant addition to any finger. Use its structured look to create a radiant stack, or wear it all on its own for a look of refined luxury. 
  • The Forever: This half eternity design features an imaginative twisted look. The Forever is an ideal choice for anyone who dances to their own beat, and it makes an alluring pair or stack with nearly any Modern Gents’ engagement ring or wedding band set. 
  • The Mia: Prepare to own the room like nobody else could with this vintage-inspired charmer that’s not afraid to put its beauty on display. Pair the Mia with a more subdued set to let it take center stage, or use its star power and intriguing design to amplify the brilliance of another piece. 

three rings of marriage on hand

Find the Bridal Set of Your Dreams from Modern Gents

An eternity ring is the perfect way to say that there’s no limit to your love! Shop Modern Gents’ full selection of eternity rings for women now and discover why beautiful, ethically made rings don’t have to cost a fortune.



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