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Mixing it up is a big part of many people’s style. Adding an element of the unexpected sets you apart from the crowd and expresses your tastes, your values and your overall vibe. If you like flipping the script in fashion, then a mixed metal wedding ring stack could be right up your alley when it comes to selecting your wedding jewelry!

A mixed metal stack is exactly what it sounds like: a mix-and-match approach to stacking your wedding ring set. Up ahead, we’ll talk about what a mixed metal wedding ring stack is, how to create one and how to pull it off.

The Basics of Stacking Wedding Rings

Wedding ring stacking simply means wearing some combination of your engagement ring, your wedding band and (if you have one) an eternity band at the same time and on the same finger. Ring stacks are popular for the way they instantly take an outfit from plain to head-turning and for the huge variety of ways that anyone can style and customize their stack.

Tons of Modern Gents’ ring options are stackable, but many people choose to buy their rings together as a bridal set to ensure that they fit well and look great together. Some people like the unified look of having multiple rings made from the same materials. On the other side, mixing and matching different metals on your ring stack is one popular way to give it your own eclectic look! 

the promise in gold the olivia in rose gold and the mia in silver stacked on top of each other

Featured: The Promise in gold, The Olivia in rose gold and The Mia in silver

For example, you might choose to pair a rose gold engagement ring with a traditional yellow gold wedding band. If you add an eternity band, now or later, you might opt for yellow or rose gold to match one of your existing rings or choose a third material like sterling silver.

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Which Metals Should You Mix?

That’s up to you, obviously! To get you started, let’s look at the metal options that you’ll find in Modern Gents’ selection of rings:

  • Sterling Silver: We use 925 sterling silver as the base material on many of our ring models. Then, we add rhodium plating for a silvery finish that keeps its luster and doesn’t tarnish! Our rhodium plated silver rings slide seamlessly into any ring stack, maximizing shine and harmonizing beautifully with other metals.
  • Yellow Gold: As the elegance of our yellow gold rings will remind you, some traditions never go out of style. Yellow gold grounds your ring stack with its steadfast richness, and it looks stunning behind many different stone cuts and colors. 
  • Rose Gold: A contemporary choice that always looks striking, rose gold contains small amounts of copper that create its unforgettable sunset hue. Rose gold has become one of the most popular metals for wedding rings, thanks to its trendy look. 

If you’re looking for something really different, check out our unique wedding rings for options like black tungsten, as well as non-metal materials like abalone and deer antler. While we don’t design these rings explicitly with stacking in mind, they can still look amazing!

Five Ideas for Styling Your Mixed Metal Wedding Ring Stack

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  1. Choose complementary designs. Mixing metals makes it especially important that the designs in your stack look great together. Modern Gents’ bridal sets make this easy with perfectly matched ring sets, and all allow you to mix and match metals to your heart’s content. Many of our bridal sets also offer the opportunity to add an eternity ring for another layer of beauty.
  2. Got a ring you already love and want to match it to some new additions? Modern Gents offers tons of styles so you can find the perfect fit. Check out our vintage style wedding rings and contemporary wedding rings to see options for every look, including multiple options for metal finishes on many models. 
  3. Don’t forget that Modern Gents offers a variety of stone color options. It’s easy to add a blaze of color with the brilliant hues of our colored stones, including simulated rubies, emeralds, moissanites and more. Each stone is ethically sourced and features a meticulously hand-crafted setting with our attractive metal finishes.
  4. Consider the colors of the metals when choosing what order to wear your stacked rings in. For example, if you have two rings in rose gold and one in sterling silver, think about creating a “sandwich” effect with the rose gold rings on the outside and the silver in the middle. See our tips for mixing silver and gold jewelry for more ideas!
  5. Pick out some choice bridal jewelry pieces to go with your wedding ring stack. Adding a bangle, a necklace or a pair of earrings to your ensemble is a clever way to add balance to your combination of metals. 

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Get started on building the wedding ring stack of your dreams with our selection of stackable wedding bands and more! Once you’re wearing and enjoying your stack, don’t forget to share it with us on Instagram — we love seeing the gorgeous combinations that our customers create.