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Featured: The Amore and The Mia

Featured: The Amore and The Mia

Shopping for wedding ring sets can be tricky, and choosing the ideal wedding band to complement your unique princess cut engagement ring is a pivotal decision that demands careful consideration. Princess cut stones are renowned for their extraordinary brilliance and distinctive angles, making selecting a wedding band that accentuates these characteristics important. Let’s explore some wedding bands that harmonize perfectly with princess cut engagement rings.

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1. Vintage-Inspired Bands

Vintage-inspired bands exude an old-world charm that perfectly complements unique princess cut engagement rings. These bands often feature intricate designs and filigree details that evoke the romantic aesthetics of a bygone era. Choosing a vintage-inspired band is an excellent way to infuse your bridal set with timeless elegance and a touch of nostalgia.

2. Channel Set Bands

Channel set bands securely hold a row of smaller stones along the band, creating a seamless and elegant look that pairs beautifully with princess cut engagement rings. The channel setting ensures that stones stay safe while adding glamour to the overall appearance. This band style complements the princess cut’s clean lines and sharp angles, resulting in a sleek and stylish combination.

3. Bezel Setting Bands

Bezel setting bands encase the central stone in a metal frame, offering protection and a minimalist appearance that complements princess cut stones. This setting not only enhances the security of the stone but also provides a unique and modern look. The clean lines of the bezel setting perfectly align with the sharp corners of the princess cut to form a cohesive and visually appealing union. It’s a style that combines sophistication with contemporary design.

Featured: The Olivia and The Eternity

Featured: The Olivia and The Eternity

4. Eternity Bands

Eternity bands feature stones encircling the entire band, symbolizing endless love and making them a meaningful choice. This style ensures stones are visible from every angle and a dazzling, continuous display. When paired with a princess cut engagement ring, eternity bands bring extra significance and sparkle.

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5. Double Bands

Double bands have a distinctive, layered look that beautifully frames the princess cut stone. The dual bands create an interesting contrast and highlight the center stone. This design adds visual intrigue and makes a bold statement.

6. Two-Tone Bands

Two-tone bands combine different metals to create a stylish contrast. This combination adds depth and complexity to your bridal set and ensures it will coordinate with your other jewelry. Two-tone bands create a sense of sophistication and personality when paired with a princess cut engagement ring, making a lasting impression.

7. Nature-Inspired Bands

A nature-inspired band with leaf or floral motifs adds a touch of the outdoors to your bridal set. These bands often feature delicate, organic elements that mirror the beauty of nature. They evoke the sentiments of growth and new beginnings that a wedding symbolizes.

8. Gemstone Bands

Incorporating colored gemstones into your wedding set adds style and individuality. Choose a gemstone band that matches your preferences and style to infuse your personality into your wedding band and create a look that’s 100 percent you. You can also choose a gemstone band based on the stone’s meaning. When combined with a princess cut engagement ring, gemstone bands stand out for all of the right reasons.

Featured: The Always - Rose Gold

Featured: The Always - Rose Gold

9. Solid Bands

If you want your engagement ring to be the star of the show, pair it with a solid band. Available in a variety of metals and colors, solid bands are anything but plain. They make a stunning companion for princess cut engagement rings and pair especially well with larger stones. 

Fit for a Princess

Selecting the best wedding band to suit your hand for a princess cut engagement ring is an important decision, as it can greatly enhance the beauty and significance of your bridal set. By considering the options presented in this guide, you can select a wedding band that matches your style, preferences and the unique qualities of your princess cut stone

Whether you opt for a dazzling pavé stone band or a vintage-inspired band, the key is to ensure that your wedding band beautifully accentuates the brilliance and uniqueness of your princess cut engagement ring. Combining your princess cut stone and a carefully chosen wedding band will create a bridal set that exudes elegance, style and meaningful symbolism for your lifetime together.

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