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While an engagement ring has a singular, concrete meaning, there is a little more to the story when it comes to a promise ring. These rings usually symbolize general commitment to another (which can be interpreted in a few ways), but promise rings are also used for other meanings and occasions. Promise rings can also be tailored to fit the style and personality of the person who wears it for an added special touch. Because these rings are used for different reasons, there are relatively no rules when it comes to choosing one. Here’s your comprehensive guide to promise rings

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Promise Ring Characteristics

The overall nature of promise rings is extremely personalizable in a few different ways. First, you can choose the meaning behind your promise ring. In general, people wear promise rings to show their commitment to something or someone, whether it is a loved one, partner, friend, life value or religion. Promise rings are meant to be a physical reminder of this person or idea. They serve as a symbol of their promise to be with someone or to keep a promise to themselves or someone else. 

Most of the time a promise ring is given to a significant other in order to express their love and commitment to the other person. A promise ring is not to be confused with an engagement ring or a proposal, but rather expresses the hope and intention of being married in the future. While not all couples give each other promise rings, it is certainly a deeply romantic gesture that exemplifies one person’s love for another. 

What Do Promise Rings Look Like?

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Promise Ring Styles and Shapes

The great part about a promise ring is that there aren’t very many traditions regarding how they should look. Part of the meaning behind a promise ring is customizable to fit the intentions and values of the couple or person, so it comes as no surprise that the color, shape and style of the ring should reflect that same variation. 

Some popular promise ring styles include infinity knot symbols to show a romantic promise of forever. On the other hand, many promise rings include gemstones of all colors, shapes and sizes, sometimes correlating with the wearer’s birthstone or favorite color. If you are looking for a promise ring to give to your partner, you might consider including your birthstone as well as theirs to symbolize your togetherness. You might also think about looking for a ring that includes a symbol or design that means something to you both as a couple. As a result, the infinity symbol, hearts (i.e. our "Sweetheart" ring) and initials of both people are commonly portrayed on promise rings for couples. 

Does a Promise Ring Go on a Certain Finger?

Because a promise ring can hold different meanings for different people, it is not always worn on a certain finger. If you have a promise ring for reasons other than intended marriage, you will probably want to wear your promise ring on your right ring finger to avoid confusion on whether or not you are engaged. In the case that a promise ring is given to you by a significant other, however, some choose to wear their ring on the left ring finger, signifying that they are intended to be married to their partner in the future. To put it simply, it’s up to you and where you feel most comfortable wearing your promise ring. 

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Knowing the Difference

Promise rings and engagement rings can easily get confused in some cases. Due to the variable nature of promise rings and the fact that some couples wear them on their wedding ring finger, this is a common mixup. If you are planning on buying one for your girlfriend, it’s important to know how to give a girl a promise ring the right way. The act of giving a promise ring should be meaningful and thought-out, not on a whim or unplanned. If you’re ready to give a promise ring to your special lady, consider planning a special outing, dinner, walk or even a trip to where you first met to give her the ring. You can find the perfect promise ring to wow her by browsing our special collection of promise rings. 

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