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Are Chunky Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands in Style?

A couple of years ago, chunky rings popped up on the internet. Like much of internet content, we aren’t entirely sure where it came from. It just popped up one day and became ingrained in the zeitgeist. Maybe using the word zeitgeist isn’t helping our cause either. All the same, they popped up, were loved and were everywhere. However, it’s 2023 – are they still here?

Why Chunky Rings Are Trending Now

We won’t bury the lead. Chunky rings are here and still well-loved. They gained popularity in 2021 and just held onto that momentum. Now, classic wedding rings and wedding ring sets will always be popular. They’re timeless looks, and they’ll always work. If you aren’t sold on chunky rings, that’s perfectly fine. You will forever look good in the classics.

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Minimalist engagement rings are still here as well — fear not. However, for those who like the chunky ring look, you’ve got a ton of options right now. The resurgence of 1990s looks has really helped the chunky rings stock to soar, meaning thicker rings are super trendy right now, alongside some other fun ’90s looks.

Chunky rings also give the appearance of more expensive rings, no matter the real price tag (we won’t tell anyone). For better or worse, those larger and thicker rings just look more expensive, so it’s a great way to get the pricey look without exchanging an arm and a leg for your wedding bands.

Featured: The Rose and The Sadie

Featured: The Rose and The Sadie

What to Consider Before Buying a Chunky Engagement Ring

Like all trends, we always advise you to take a breath before hopping on. Know that trends come and go. Some trends stick around and become fashion focal points, and some go the way of the hoop skirt and other things that just genuinely confuse us. Ask yourself this: if this trend died tomorrow, would I still like the look? If the answer is yes, have at it. Buy yourself a chunky ring and ride off into the sunset. If the answer is no, keep looking.

Also, you want to consider your hand size. Chunky is, of course, a relative term here. However, chunky styles generally are going to be more proportional for those with larger hands. Not to say that small hands can’t look good in them, but you’ll want to scale down the, well, chunkiness of your ring to match your hand.

Like all things style, proportion is incredibly important. In the same way that it’s easy to overwhelm small hands with stacked wedding rings, it’s easy to overwhelm small hands with chunky engagement rings. Of course, you can swing the opposite way accidentally and have rings that are a bit too small, so be sure you understand how to stack wedding rings.

Learn How to Stack Your Rings the Right Way

How to Get the Look

You’ve got plenty of options to get the chunky ring look here. Of course, the simplest and most expedient way is just to buy a hefty ring. However, it’s not your only option!

Featured: The Evermore and The Mia

Featured: The Evermore and The Mia

Ring Stacks

Stacked rings offer you the best of both worlds. If you want to go for that chunky look without being completely committed to it, a ring stack is the way to go. You can add or subtract bands as you see fit for the occasion and have a ton of versatility in the looks you put together. You don’t even have to commit to just one color of metal, either!

Ring stacks have the convenience of adding as you go. Maybe you buy an engagement ring and wedding band together, only to realize later down the line that you like the look of a larger stack. No problem! Just get another band or two separately, and you can add some depth to your look with basically no work.

Wedding Ring Sets

Don’t want any guesswork in your ring stack? Sure, you can buy individual rings and bands and put together a cohesive look. However, if you want to be sure your rings look good together (and fit together perfectly), a wedding ring set is the way to go.

Buying a wedding ring set doesn’t force you into just two rings, though. While you’ll have your engagement ring and wedding band (and they’ll go together perfectly), it’s easy to find bands that match your set, giving you the versatility to achieve that chunkier look with separate rings.

Mix and Match

You can mix and match men’s and women’s wedding bands if you really want a larger ring set. While not particularly common in most situations, it’s really advantageous for those looking for that chunky ring look. Men’s wedding bands, on the whole, are larger, perfect for the chunky ring set. If you want the look of a chunky ring without the set, you can consider just buying a men’s wedding ring and calling it good as well.

Mod Gents’ Rings That Fit the Look

Not sure where to get started? We’ve got plenty of suggestions!

Chunky Engagement Rings

The Princess

This is equal parts modern and regal. If you want to walk the line of this trend without sacrificing the timeless style fundamentals, The Princess is the ideal balance. With a split shank and strong-looking center stone, it’s hard not to feel like you own every room you walk into. 

The Meadow chunky engagement ring

The Meadow

As the name suggests, this ring looks like it came from a fairy tale. Inspired by nature, the band has leaf designs all around, culminating in a simulated two-carat diamond center stone. The leaf pattern around the band offers a unique intrigue without being too obvious, offering onlookers a chance to do a double take.

The Queen

You aren’t here to play games. You know what you’re about and aren’t waiting for anyone to tell you. If you want a ring that makes a bold statement everywhere you go, this is it. Easily one of the best options we have for those looking for a chunky engagement ring, The Queen has a strong silhouette, sturdy band and a classically styled oval cut center stone.

Chunky Wedding Sets

The Evermore

Throw the two together, and you have a striking silhouette. Take the extra band off, and you’ve got a bold ring with a minimal band that stands out without getting in the way of everyday life. If you need something versatile to keep up with your busy life, The Evermore offers you the best of both worlds, now and forevermore. 

The Delilah chunky wedding set

The Delilah

This design is one of the most unique you’ll find. The pear-cut center stone on the ring is paired with a v-shaped band, making for a fascinating look when combined. Put the two together, and you’ll see an exciting design, like a heart set on fire, every time you look at your left hand. If you want something you won’t see everyone else on the street wearing, this is for you.

The Bliss

The Bliss is actually somewhere between the previous two wedding sets. It’s got the boldness of The Delilah with the elegance of The Evermore. It isn’t over-the-top striking, but it invites you to take a second look to appreciate all the nuances and layers of the design. If you’re someone who finds beauty in the everyday, you’ll appreciate the subtleties of The Bliss.

Create a Ring Stack

Want to do a little style DIY? Here are some choices to get your ring stack started!

The Mia

While a thinner band, the nuances of the design are what make it stand out. It’ll look great when put together with a larger, simpler band. The curves and swirls of this band are sure to add a bright pop of character to a wedding ring set featuring a larger simple band and even a third, thin band if you like.

The Sadie create a ring stack

The Sadie

If you liked the Mia but want something a tiny bit more muted, consider The Sadie. This eternity band has the same general styling of strong curves and swirls but does it just a bit more simply. If you want a quieter style or want to pair this with a bolder, chunky ring, The Sadie is the choice to make.

The Chloe

The Chloe is adaptable. It’s a band that’s made to enhance everything around it. With minimal, classic styling, it’s like the perfect complement – an ideal final touch for a well-curated outfit. For those who want to try the chunky ring look without committing to it, The Chloe makes for a perfect minimalist band on its own when you want to go simple.

The Passion

This gold trio of bands is perfect for someone who wants a ready-to-go look. If you’re out the door before the sun’s woken up, you don’t have time to sweat every small decision. The Passion offers three gold bands in varying sizes with a woven, rope-like texture for effortless intrigue.

The Artemis create a ring stack

The Artemis

The Artemis stands out on its own. All eyes are on you when you wear this modern, fashion-forward ring. A larger band, this is the perfect option if you want to start a chunky wedding ring stack with the largest band and add the smaller ones on later. Because of its size and design, it’s just as striking on its own as it is when complemented by other bands.

The Infinity

Just because you’re going for a trend doesn’t mean you can skip the classics. If you want to balance the popular and the timeless, The Infinity allows you to have the best of both worlds. While still a modern look, this ring boasts a clean, minimalist silhouette that will forever look stunning.

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While not for everyone, chunky wedding rings are certainly an exciting trend. If you love bold, fashion-forward style, we hope you found what you were looking for!


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